• Why not try the Atex Version?
  • It’s cheaper!! and available ex-stock!!
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PP5XX-HPGU-23K01-PV9DA-3Z from Flowserve PMV  is is currently unavailable. However, why not check out the ATEX version instead? It’s CHEAPER and Available EX-STOCK, just CLICK HERE 


“So what’ s the difference?” 

“But can I use the Atex version in place of the Non-Hazardous one?” 

  • Absolutely, 100%, ‘YES’


“The foundation of the PMV Valve Control System is the PMV P5 pneumatic positioner. Performance of this unit has been enhanced with the special high gain/high capacity spool valve assembly providing very quick and accurate actuator/valve response. For single or double acting application, this new modular design allows for the simple addition of I/P converters and/or a feedback unit with a variety of feedback options. Other features include: Gauge ports, stainless steel cam with a simple cam locking device. Tapped exhaust port for venting of supply media. External zero adjustment, and completely sealed cover”.