10-RDB40-1SD1E0-E Norbro Actuator

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  • Size 10
  • Spring Return (fail safe closed)
  • Rack and Pinion Design
  • NAMUR interface end cap
  • BSP air connection
  • Revision E

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The Norbro 10-RDB40-1SD1E0-E is a spring return (fail safe closed) pneumatic actuator. Featuring quarter turn with a rack and pinion design. With its aluminium (Extrusion) anodised body it is both hardwearing and practical. Housed within the unit are: aluminium pistons, carbon steel ENP pinion and an aluminium anodised inlet end cap. Also included are acetal bearings and nitrile rubber “O” rings. Revision E Build

Its chrome silicon wire (corrosion resistant) coated springs also add to this units impressive list of standard features. The 10-RDB40-1SD1E0-E is also topped with a polyethylene position indicator, Red / White. ISO 5211 underneath. VDI/VDE 3845 Top Side. NAMUR interface end cap. BSP air connection.

The Flowserve Norbro 40R range is also available in a wide range of sizes, from 10 to 42, so making it the perfect choice for all applications.

Revision E has now replaced Revision D

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